Chef Ted Rodriguez

Ted grew up in the restaurant business, his mother had a few restaurants in the Long Beach area and in Los Angeles County too. He had uncle who had a restaurant in Sunset Beach and Long Beach, so if he was cleaning shrimp in Sunset Beach and surfing he would could have been washing dishes in his mother's cafe later.

French cuisine captured his palette early in life and after a couple years of cooking classes here in the Los Angeles area, a formal culinary training was in order. Packing his knife bag he attended the world famous French Culinary institute in New York. Learning from masters like Jacques Pepin, Andrea Soultnor and Jacques Torres. Cooking with Rocco Despirito and other New York chefs. Prior to starting his own catering company in Newport Beach, he worked for the famous catering company in New York, Tentation Catering in Manhattan. After returning to Orange County, Ted was a chef with Patina Croup's catering operation.

So with this exposure to preparing food, the menu will vary and change on Flavor Rush on a weekly basis. So one week there maybe scallops and abalone and next week there could be lentil soup and a croissant stuff with cheese and tomato served with fries and a hint of French truffle.
chef ted